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LLC IPO Novasvit is a producer of the modern equipment based on technologies of electromembrane processes. We propose effective system solutions for modernization of infrastructure and we carry out complex support of the customer for the solution of various production and technical tasks in chemical industry, power, the enterprises of health care, in complexes of environment protection. The main advantage of our technologies is total absence of reagents at stages of electromembrane processing of water and drains.
We solve any problems connected with reduction of your initial water to requirements of production or economic and drinking water supply. Schemes of water treatment are developed on the basis of water analysis, production requirements to water, and also the required expense.
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Custom order, 10 days | Wholesale and retail 
61368.45 UAH
Produce water purification system of mineral impurities (salts) based on the membranes of the reverse osmosis and nanofiltration TOREY (Japan). The basic difference of the reverse osmosis membranes of the nanofiltration a degree of removal of salt ions, reverse osmosis membranes...
Group: Industrial systems of reverse osmosis
Custom order, 45 days | Wholesale and retail 
120068.7 UAH
Ltd. IPO "Novasvit" produces installation electrodeionization water capacity of 60 l / h to the desired. Electrodeionization is a variant in which the ion exchange resins are purified independently through the electric field. The quality of the purified water is in the range of 12 - 18 Mohm *...
Group: Installations water-preparatory
Custom order, 90 days | Wholesale and retail 
3201831.96 UAH
The technology is designed to provide a concentrated sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) solution by the electrolysis of salt " Extra " State Standard 3583 - 97 (GOST 13830 - 97). Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) obtained by the electrochemical method is used to disinfect natural, wastewater, circulating water,...
Group: electrolysis plant
Custom order, 20 days | Wholesale and retail 
13340.97 UAH
Preparation of water for every need, the process requires a certain knowledge and skills. The water may contain a wide variety inclusions, it can be salts, oils, bacteria, colloids and many other contaminants, the water requirements at different stages of production can also vary. Therefore it is...
Group: Water purifiers
Custom order, 40 days | Wholesale and retail 
40022.9 UAH
With an ever - growing competition between the producers of finished products, one of the most important parameters affecting the choice of the buyer, it is the quality of the finished product. The process of achieving high quality often has a negative impact on cost, so it is important to use...
Group: Filters for the separation of solid-liquid systems
Electrodialysis / electrodialysis EQUIPMENT
Custom order, 80 days 
533638.66 UAH
Electrodialysis quite unknown process for modern production of liquid products, but for a country with a large share of the industry situation should be reversed, because it can be easily operate the inorganic component solution in the process. For example, changing the pH in the desired direction...
Group: Electrodialysis desalination plants
Installing filtering viscous liquids FHDS-500
Custom order, 40 days | Wholesale and retail 
26.68 UAH
FHDS filtration equipment specially designed for a filter atsii various viscous liquids with a high density: - brine Solev th - glycerol - DDGS - vegetable oils and industrial oils - fish fat - wastewater - yeast - liquid containing strong oxidants, surfactants and others. Innovations and , that we...
Group: Plants for filtering
Water purifiers
Custom order, 30 days | Wholesale and retail 
93386.77 UAH
Group: Water purifiers
Water purifiers
Custom order, 30 days 
26681.93 UAH
Group: Water purifiers
Auxiliary boiler equipment
Custom order, 30 days | Wholesale and retail 
66704.83 UAH
Group: Auxiliary boiler equipment
The equipment for sewage treatment
Custom order | Wholesale and retail 
  • 26681.93 UAH/pcs  - from 2 pcs
Minimum order cost: 53 363.86 UAH
Group: The equipment for sewage treatment
Filters for the separation of solid-liquid systems
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
26681.93 UAH
Group: Filters for the separation of solid-liquid systems


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